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Cohering pageantry and public relations, Pageant Relations serves as the premier Management and Consulting company for pageant girls, by pageant girls. We book appearances for women in the pageant circuit and offer professional representation services that help titleholders promote their platforms and initiatives. 


Building a substantial resume is extremely beneficial in competing with Local, State, National, or International organizations. We sought an opportunity to offer a convenient and stress-free service centered around the advancement of community involvement and personal development. Pageant Relations, LLC provides the tools needed to excel in competitive pageantry while also creating memorable opportunities to maximize your year as a titleholder.

Titleholders signed with Pageant Relations, LLC will have guidance on strengthening their initiatives which will offer more opportunities to empower, inspire, and expand their outreach.

Entrust us to create your impactful year as a local, state, national or international queen!

Our dynamic team uses their extensive experience to schedule events geared towards the titleholder’s specific goals and interests. We use our vast connections, in-depth research, and effective networking skills to give queens appearances they normally would not have access to.


Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned competitor, we welcome you as a member of an elite and innovating form of Pageant Management and Consulting. This industry is known for opening doors and offering life-changing experiences to many girls who take the risk!


We will help ensure that the investment you’re making in your pageant career is worth it!