Pageant Relations provides high-quality appearances for pageant girls, by pageant girls.

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Pageant Relations provides high-quality appearances for pageant girls, by pageant girls. Our events provide opportunities for titleholders to attend numerous community service-based programs geared towards their platform and/or the organizations they represent. 


  • Gain networking skills as you attend numerous events as a special guest or keynote speaker

  • Expand your advocacy as a titleholder by partnering with like-minded organizations and charities to make a bigger impact and become an agent of change.

  • Bring exposure to your passions and overall brand with multiple media opportunities.


Our clients have bragging rights when speaking to judges or reflecting on their year as a titleholder. 


You put in the work to get here, so let’s make the experience worth it.



Community service-based appearances for titleholders wishing to expand their social impact initiatives or platforms in an impactful way. Service appearances reflect the client’s mission they’d like to promote during their year as a titleholder.


We work diligently with the client to gage a better understanding of specific organizations and nonprofits they’d like to dedicate their time to while also planning personal fundraisers or donation drives to increase their philanthropy.

Community Service

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Our Media Relations team uses their communicative skills to work with outlets in booking television, radio, and print opportunities for titleholders wishing to obtain a larger audience.


Pageant Relations' media team serves as a liaison between the titleholder and media to obtain image controlled appearances for the press to pick up. Queens who have a strong brand or social media presence will benefit from packages with high media appearances.

Media Relations

Titleholders across the country are perceived as ‘celebrities’. Pageant Relations hopes to schedule appearances in which our clients are guests to various organizations and events.


From parades, fashion shows, school assemblies, and more. We are eager to put our clients at the forefront and create opportunities that will keep their reign in the spotlight. 

Guest Star