Boshicu Page

Miss Black Peach State International Ambassador


Atlanta, Georgia

Boshicu Page


To the Second Degree


Boshicu Page was crowned Miss Black Peach State International Ambassador in February of 2020 and is now a representative of the largest international African-American pageant in the world. Residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Boshicu works within the Finance industry serving as a digital ambassador and financial advocate for clients she assists. In the future, Boshicu will receive her Master’s in Legal Studies concentrated in Employment Law. She hopes to advocate for employees during their careers while providing insight on the hiring process to disadvantaged communities. As a former classically trained singer, Boshicu has numerous accolades and achievements under her belt. From choir competitions to leadership awards, our Miss Peach State embodies the everyday woman through her passions, intellect, and activism.

Boshicu Page centers her year as Miss Black Peach State International Ambassador towards her personal platform, ‘To the Second Degree’, where she pushes the importance of student’s overall success. With her initiative, Boshicu aims to build personal development skills for potential and current college students, specifically those in Black or Latinx communities. Page states, “Many students deal with past trauma that trickles down into their consideration of Post-Secondary education. We want our students to feel optimistic about attending college and continuing their education.” She champions this mission by stepping outside of Georgia and participating in global campaigns. Through her partnership with Books For Africa, Boshicu sent literature to Ghanian students to end book famine.

In addition to her educational humanitarian efforts, Boshicu hosted workshops about setting S.M.A.R.T Goals for your life while also participating in H.o.P.e, which is a Latin organization that assists high school students in their goals and education. Boshicu hopes that her experiences and journey will provide inspiration for young black and brown youth here in America and Internationally.

A visionary, advocate, and inspiration, Boshicu Page is a pillar in her community with experience in numerous volunteer initiatives that support the academic and professional advancement of minorities. She tackles relevant issues and creates implementations in spaces that need them the most.