Danielle Shook

USA National Miss DC


Kent Island, Maryland

Danielle Shook


Special Olympics


As Miss DC, Danielle will use her title to enact effective change through the organization’s core values of Inspiring: Compassion, Kindness, and Earth. She champions this mission through inclusivity projects and will continue to uphold these efforts nationwide. Studying Communications at the University of Maryland, Danielle is heavily involved in her career as a Paraeducator for students with special needs. As she begins her active year as Miss DC, Danielle hopes to reach her target audience of youth and children with disabilities through the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. Whether she’s implementing numerous compassion projects or creating spaces for her students, Danielle Shook strongly believes that one’s disability is an inability to see their abilities. With an extensive background in building tomorrow's leaders, let’s take a look at Danielle Shook’s accomplishments as USA National Miss District of Columbia

From traveling the state of DC to representing children who are excluded, Danielle Shook is reaching milestones with organizations that support those with intellectual and physical disabilities. She pushes for the expansion of programs such as Special Olympics to be implemented in schools. With her position as a Paraeducator for a special education class, Danielle sees firsthand the adversities her students face when they try to become involved in on-campus activities like sports. Her role as an educator consists of providing her students with home economical skills as curriculums like this are imperative for those mentally and physically challenged. Although Danielle is pushing for opportunities in the educational environment, she still sees a lack of support when her students leave the classroom.