Emily Jenkins

USA National Miss East Coast Jr Teen


Raleigh, North Carolina

Emily Jenkins


Veterans Support


Emily Jenkins won the covenant title of USA National Miss District of Columbia 2021 in October of 2020. Currently, Emily is a tenacious 8th-grader at Alston Ridge Middle School in Cary, North Carolina, where her favorite subjects are Science and Art. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, painting, learning to play guitar, and spending time with her puppy, Jack-Jack. Emily has also dedicated her time to daycares around Raleigh and Cary where she reads picture books about kindness and being a good friend to young children.

Emily loves helping out in her community. She regularly collects and donates food and supplies for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. When Emily is not serving as a teen advocate, she's promoting her published illustrated children's book 'Wrestling Girl Takes Down Bullying'. In addition, our UNM DC Jr Teen has hosted a wrestling clinic to raise funds for the team her father previously coached in Virginia. Since both her dad and late uncle honorably served in the U.S. Army, Emily is also passionate about showing her gratitude to those that have served. Taking after her father's footsteps, Jenkins plans to attend North Carolina State University, focusing her degree in Sociology with plans to pursue a career in the Army as a CID agent.

Throughout her year as USA National Miss DC Jr Teen, Emily will represent and speak to youth her age about the importance of kindness. She will champion the nonprofit 'Crown CARES', Creating A Respectful Environment in Schools to educate students on the dangers of bullying by teaching tactics in classrooms throughout her state. These presentations are informative and educational. Emily Jenkins uses her title to shed light on an epidemic that affects schools nationwide. As the next USA National Jr Teen, she aspires to take this platform on a larger scale.