Hazel Ron

USA National Miss New York Teen


Hazel Ron


Nourish to Flourish


Hazel Ron received the coveted title of USA National Miss New York Teen in January 2021. Residing in New York, NY Hazel is a junior at St. John’s Preparatory School. Hazel has been awarded with multiple educational achievements including high honors, being chosen for the principal’s list, and participating in advanced placement and honors courses. She is also a three-time Presidential Gold award recipient for her dedication to service work. Her future goals involve attending university and studying psychology with future goals to become a psychologist while also performing on Broadway.

Service and advocacy are at the core of Hazel’s platform as she works to eradicate bullying and create mental health resources for other students. Hazel created her own personal initiative,” Nourish to Flourish - Destigmatizing Mental Health”, where she aims to destigmatize mental health struggles by educating students on different mental health issues and what it means to have a positive relationship with your body and mind. Hazel is also an advocate for the Crown CARES Initiative where she works to end bullying in schools nationwide. Hazel is passionate about her community and has also donated her time volunteering with the Ronald McDonald House, WIN: Women in Need, the Coalition of the Homeless, and the Salvation Army. She also serves as a Luv Me More Ambassador for a clothing company that promotes body positivity.

When Hazel isn’t busy servicing her community or focused on her studies, she enjoys horseback riding, performing arts, writing poetry, avant-garde makeup, gaming, and making informational Tik-Toks about mental health awareness. She is truly a multifaceted titleholder.

Hazel will showcase her skills and accomplishments at the USA National Miss competition on July Fourth weekend in Orlando, FL. The organization focuses on creating a respectful environment in schools through its Crown CARES initiative. They center their national platform around anti-bullying in schools nationwide.