Justice Thompson

USA National Miss


Krugerville, Texas

Justice Thompson


Commander Kindness


Representing her home state of Texas as USA National Miss Heartland, Justice bested delegates throughout the United States to claim the national crown in Disney World this past summer. As the USA National Miss, Justice uses her title to enact effective change through the organization’s core values of Inspiring: Compassion, Kindness, and Earth. She champions this mission through kindness projects and will continue to uphold these efforts nationwide. An Agricultural Education student at Texas Tech University, Justice can be found being an instrumental member of Alpha Phi Sorority, honing the Alpha Phi of the year award. Outside of her collegiate accomplishments, Justice participates in Livestock Shows and Rodeos, showcasing animals. She holds a Texas Lone Star Degree through Future Farmers of America and aspires to continue her love for Agriculture as a career.

From traveling the state of Texas to touring the country, Justice Thompson is reaching milestones with her personal initiative, ‘Commander Kindness’, A Kindness Bootcamp where she introduces youth to positive military personnel. Growing up in a military family and almost enlisting after high school gave Justice profound respect for those who serve. Tying basic training into her volunteerism, Justice will deliver tasks to students that are centered around kindness in her four-week program. Each task will require the student to go out into their communities and make a difference. After completion, those enrolled in the Commander Kindness Bootcamp will graduate to Kindness Cadet. Each Cadet will receive a special package congratulating their achievement. Justice diligently aids to her program and will launch more camps to create a camaraderie of compassion throughout the USA.