Najah Clay

Miss Black Texas International Ambassador



Austin, Texas

Najah Clay


Mental Regression Recovery For Female Veterans


On January 21st, 2020, Najah Clay was crowned the prestigious title of Miss Black Texas International Ambassador. As a veteran of the US Army, Najah prides herself on honing strong and ethical values of integrity while fighting for those who can't fight for themselves. She’s an advocate for female leadership and uses her Miss Texas title to promote and encourage feminism while executing unconventional interests. This double major in Business and Math pushes for women's inclusivity in STEM-related fields. Najah Clay takes pride in her background of honors, extensive work experience, extracurriculars, and various leadership positions. Such accomplishments aided Miss Clay in her efforts of growth and knowledge as an ambassador to the state of Texas. 

As a young soldier, Najah Clay served as her Company’s Squad Leader, protecting fellow soldiers and fighting for their needs throughout the challenging experiences of Basic Combative Training. Her journey to self-discovery and humanitarianism is an inspiring story of ‘Setbacks into Comebacks’. Following an assault inflicted by her Drill Sergeant during Basic Training in 2017, Najah dealt with personal battles outside of her uniform. Throughout her recovery from anxiety, depression, and borderline PTSD, Miss Clay paved her own way in hopes to inspire others. As Miss Black Texas International Ambassador, her mission is to raise awareness about the stressors and trauma women face in the military. She focuses her year with the crown to shed light on this issue through her platform: Mental Regression Recovery for Female Veterans. Through trials and tribulations, Najah managed to graduate from BCT and serve as the Student Master Sergeant of over 300 soldiers for the Adjacent General’s Corps, where she has bestowed a decorative award for her advocacy and leadership.

A veteran, survivor, philanthropist, and agent of change, Najah volunteers with her local homeless community by feeding and supplying food, water, and masks. She has raised and donated over $1,000 between her Agents of Change nonprofit and local Texas charities.

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