Ruthie Richey

USA National Miss Jr Teen


Memphis, Tennessee

Ruthie Richey


Food Station 901 - Healthy Bites Onsite


Representing her home state as USA National Miss Tennesse Jr Teen, Ruthie bested delegates throughout the United States to claim the national crown in Disney World this past summer. As USA National Jr Teen, Ruthie uses her title to enact effective change through the organization’s core values of Inspiring: Compassion, Kindness, and Earth. She champions this mission with projects focusing on food insecurity and how it correlates to bullying amongst children. Ruthie is currently a sophomore at the prestigious Hutchison School for girls with aspirations to become a dermatologist in the future. Serving as an instrumental member in her class, this honor student can be found dedicating her time to numerous organizations on and off-campus. Ruthie is currently the Sophomore Representative on the Equity and Inclusion Council, active in her school’s Big Brother Big Sister Chapter, and a part of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Club. Ruthie hopes to couple her leadership skills with her love for helping others to inspire youth nationwide to make a difference.

From traveling the state of Tennessee to touring the country, Ruthie Richey is reaching milestones as she diligently raises awareness to eradicate food insecurities. Our USA National Jr Teen began her initiative: Food Station 901 - Healthy Bites Onsite to address the relevance of bullying and inadequate food resources. She extends her platform into a blog where she breaks down the unfortunate truth of the lack of access kids have to organic fruits and vegetables. Ruthie is working to ignite her movement and adjust the demographic of children living in food deserts. Her overall goal is to construct food stands at gas stations across her state, eventually bringing accessible healthy options to those in need. As she continues her year of travel, Ruthie will pay close attention to food banks and cabinets within the different states she visits.

Ruthie Richey is no stranger to distribution amongst urban areas, she’s an avid volunteer at the Mid South Food Bank and other neighboring pantries. Notably, she participates in an annual Feed The City Day where she partners with her parent’s restaurants to provide breakfast, clothing, haircuts, and more to the people of Memphis.