Sarah Pennington

USA National Miss Independence State


Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Sarah Pennington


Redefining Disability


As Miss Independence State, Sarah uses her voice to encourage change through the organization’s core values of Inspiring: Compassion, Kindness, and Earth, all while supporting her mission of ‘Redefining Disability’. From serving as a national guest speaker to pushing the importance of mental health, Sarah does not shy away when it comes to standing in her truth and power.

Sarah Pennington is currently a student at Savannah College of Art and Design where she is studying film and television and plans to pursue a career in Documentary Filmmaking and Editing as well as a Motivational Speaker. Notably, Sarah carries the role of a change-maker by serving as the face of 'Redefining Disability' nationwide. 'Redefining Disability' means reshaping society’s view of the word 'disability’ from its current status of having a negative connotation to being an alternate way of accessing and approaching our world. This in turn creates a more inclusive and welcoming society that can support and empower people with disabilities. Sarah’s various initiatives around her mission include speaking at five conferences across the country in regards to disability empowerment, guest speaking on the Joan Kaylor Podcast, presenting as a keynote speaker to over 8,000 students with the program, We Believe, guest appearance on the Today Show, and many others.

Sarah Pennington is also reaching milestones when it comes to advocating for mental health and disabilities. She has met with Congressman Costello in Washington D.C. to discuss healthcare issues as well as diligently aiding as a mental health advocate for the Mental Health Advocacy Walk also in Washington D.C.