Vera Morris

United States of America Ms. North Carlina


Raleigh, North Carolina

Vera Morris


Treasure Your Chest


Vera Morris of Raleigh North Carolina captured the covenant title of United States of America Ms. North Carolina in September of 2021. She proudly represents women throughout her state as an ambassador and leader. As USOA Ms. North Carolina, Vera uses the title to enact effective change through her platform of Breast Cancer Awareness and serving as a representative for many. Honing a B.A. in Speech Communications from the University of Georgia, Morris is a consultant for a real estate investment & property management software company. When she’s not working towards becoming a project manager, Vera is partnering with organizations to prevent a disease that affects 1 and 8 women. She coheres her experience consoling survivors to educate those who are at-risked. Let’s take a look at Vera’s success as United States of America Ms. North Carolina.

This former Miss USA contestant uses her experience as a seasoned pageant competitor to advocate for demographics in which breast cancer is more aggressive. As she represents the state of North Carolina, Vera developed a platform entitled ‘Treasure Your Chest’ which was inspired by brave women who have been diagnosed. She aims to help bring awareness about the importance of early detection and fundraising for treatments. Vera has worked with numerous organizations such as Susan G. Komen and the Tigerlily Foundation to provide resources and support that women need to fight breast cancer.