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How does Pageant Relations book appearances for titleholders?

Our dynamic team uses their extensive experience in pageantry and media to book quality events geared towards the titleholder’s specific goals and interests. We use our vast connections, in-depth research, and effective networking skills to book exceptional appearances that titleholders normally would not have access to.

How much are your services?

Please refer to the ‘ Our Services’ section via our website. Packages will range and vary.

Can I pay for my package in installments?

We do offer an installment plan. You are able to pay a partial payment of the invoice after your initial consultation. The remainder of the invoice should be paid within 14 days. After the two-week time frame, your invoice will be canceled. No press kits or appearances will be released until the full payment is received.

Do I have to be a current titleholder in order to use Pageant Relations's services?

Yes. Pageant Relations only accept women who currently hold a title. Please plan to book our services accordingly by choosing the appropriate package in which you will remain the reigning queen during the duration of our services.

How can I book services with Pageant Relations?

Please fill out a Management Application here and fill out a submission for management consideration. Once received, a publicist will reach out to the applicant with a decision in the next 5-7 business days. An acceptance will include the next steps.

What happens if I get placed on a waitlist?

Clients who are waitlisted either scheduled a consultation when our publicists had no openings or the client did not pay their installment on time. Our waitlist usually opens every 30-90 days so it's imperative to plan for management in advance.


What if I don't have a platform or cause to promote?

Our team is experienced in platform development. We offer advice on charity/advocacy selection. No need to worry, Pageant Relations, LLC will book platform and non-platform related appearances for our clients.

How long does management last?

Pageant Relations, LLC only offers package durations of 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months. Please schedule a consultation and we will find which package works best for you.

If I am suspended or resign my title during the duration of my services with Pageant Relations, will I still have access to Pageant Relations Services?

No. Pageant Relations only represent reigning and active titleholders. Services can only be placed on hold if the titleholder or their organization undergoes unforeseen circumstances such as event cancelation, injury, or death.

Is management offered to everyone?

Management and representation from Pageant Relations, LLC is offered on a selective basis. An application does not guarantee services. Our pageant public relations accommodations are determined by the strength of the titleholder's platform, speaking abilities, and the relevancy of the title/pageant system.

What are press materials?

In order to effectivley outsource appearances for clients, Pageant Relations hand-crafts customized press releases, media kits, and sponsorhip letters for each of our clients. An official Press Release is a statement in which we distribute to news outlets on behalf of the client and serves as a primary source of the titleholder's significance. Our four-page spread Media Kits consist of promotional materials to market our clients as an influencer by highlighting the titleholder's body of work for future brand deals. Sponsorship Letters are purchased ala carte. This PDF is perfect to gain consistent sponsors that will help titleholders secure compensated opportunities, products, services, and donations they may need throughout their year.


Can I add on more appearances in my package?

No. The number of appearances, platform appearances, and media appearances stated in each package is final. You must choose the next package to receive more of our services.

Will Pageant Relations book appearances outside of my city or state?

When booking a consultation, you will be asked your location and how far you are willing to travel. This will determine where we book your appearances. Please note that international, national, or regional queens, may have an opportunity for more out of state appearances.

Will Pageant Relations provide me with travel and accommodation for appearances?

The client is responsible for all travel, accommodation, and wardrobe needed for their events unless stated otherwise.

How soon will I receive appearances?

All clients must undergo a virtual onboarding meeting and Titleholder Training before their services begin. Most clients will start a month after their initial payment. Please plan accordingly when inquiring about our services.


What is Pageant Relations?

Pageant Relations, LLC is a professional management company that books appearances and opportunities for women in the pageantry circuit.

Does Pageant Relations provide pageant coaching services?

No. We only provide appearance booking services, however, Pageant Relations will help you gain skills and experiences that can give you a competitive advantage in your next pageant.

Does Pageant Relations provide services to women in every state?

Yes. Pageant Relations works remotely to book appearances for titleholders in each state.

Does Pageant Relations provide services for women outside of the United States?

No. We are currently not taking any clients from outside of the United States. If you hold an international title but live in the U.S. and plan to attend appearances in the U.S., you may use Pageant Relations services.

Can pageant directors utilize Pageant Relations for their titleholders?

Yes! Please email our admin at info@pageantrelations.com with your inquiry. From a directors standpoint, Pageant Relations is perfect to award newly crowned queens at the start of their reign. Our services can be implimented in the form of a prize package to distribute after crowning.

Can I purchase press materials only?

Yes! We offer customized official press releases, media kits, and sponsorship letters for titleholders outside of our management services. These materials are personalized with colorways and logos of the titleholder's system. You can purchase a each here.