Felicia Ally

Miss Supranational Guyana


San Antonio, TX

Felicia Ally


Think Global, Act Local


Felicia proudly represents Guyana through her global impact initiatives centered around conservation and sustainability efforts. Ally is an Indo-Guyanese American with a career in the Music Business Entertainment and Marketing Industry. Working with some of the biggest brands and entertainers, Felicia Ally has contributed to the success of Coke, ESPN, ABC, HBO, and the Miss Universe Organization. As a working model, Felicia has traveled the world, participating in fashion campaigns in New York, Los Angeles, Jamaica, Guyana, Dubai, and more. With an extensive background in multiple industries, let’s take a look at Felicia Ally’s success as Miss Supranational Guyana.

Felicia Ally stands on the platform of “Restore - Sustain - Gain”, this Guyanese queen dives deep into the immediate clean-up and restoration of land through her participation in numerous food distribution projects and providing adequate resources for San Antonio families in need. Ally’s volunteerism continues as she supported the expansion of aquaponics, turbines, and solar panels to fuel multiple long-lasting environmental initiatives. Taking on a mentor role, Ally continues to champion her philanthropy by providing opportunities for youth to practice kindness amongst themselves. With her anti-bullying youth panel discussion, “Speak For The Youth”, Felicia promotes anti-bullying antics with arts and entertainment. She brings well-known artists, influencers, etc. to speak to kids of Boys and Girls Club on their struggles through life, entertainment, bullies, and how to overcome them.

Felicia Ally’s humanitarian efforts can be seen on an international spectrum as well. Our Miss Supranational Guyana executed mission trips in Jamaica and Haiti while playing an instrumental part with the ‘Sponsor a Kid’ program. When Felicia is not using her platform to enact change, she’s fine-tuning her cooking skills while food blogging as she travels the world. This dynamic titleholder will transcend her international ties at an experience of a lifetime when she competes for Miss Supranational this August.