Jessica Woodall

Mrs. Georgia Earth USA


Valdosta, Georgia

Jessica Woodall


S.A.L.E: Sustainable Authentic Local Experiences


After taking home one of the most coveted and competitive titles in the state, Jessica won the opportunity to serve the Georgia community while also focusing on being an environmental advocate. This Valdosta, GA native currently owns a small business where she manages administration work and the store’s e-waste program. She is a former Delta Airlines flight attendant and received her Bachelors in Business Administration and Marketing from Valdosta University where she was also on the Dean's list and a Hope Scholar.

Jessica has dedicated her year of service as Mrs. Georgia Earth to spread awareness and educate others on sustainable travel. She created her own personal initiative: S.A.L.E which stands for Sustainable Authentic Local Experiences. Through her initiative she not only guides people on how to be responsible travelers, but also how to reduce their carbon footprint while giving them ideas on activities they can participate in while being kind to the environment.

Since winning her title, she has already done countless service initiatives including traveling sustainably throughout Utah, New York, Virginia, Washington D.C. and even Ecuador. In her home state of Georgia, she also participated in the Georgia Grown Event with local farmers and makers. She is an UN ambassador and travels to conferences discussing tourism and the environment through her role. Jessica also does public relations work for the Valdosta City school District website on careers and agriculture. Jessica’s next goal involves creating an online app and magazine guide that gives people helpful tips on sustainable travel.

When Jessica isn’t busy servicing her community and state, she also lives a busy lifestyle as a mother, wife and model. She enjoys modeling in photo shoots and promotes living an active and healthy lifestyle. Jessica loves doing environmental volunteer work as well as exploring our beautiful planet through scuba diving, snorkeling, AT/UTV riding and many other adventurous excursions. She is also an animal lover and has had the opportunity to work with the Humane Society and attend the Humane Society’s Bark Ball.